• Electrode Caps / Brain Cap

    The BrainCap ensures high patient comfort and fast skin preparation

    Over the course of our time spent in the neurophysiology research market, we at Brain Products have endeavored to listen very carefully to our customers‘ views and requests. The BrainCap is a result of this policy as it makes the preparation time very fast and assures high patient comfort and quality data recordings.

    The BrainCap is a fully customizable cap with up to 256 channels and high-quality Ag/AgCl sensors. The electrodes fixed to the cap are extremely flat. This solution is very comfortable for the subjects as it avoids excessive pressure onto the scalp, even in sleep studies during which the subject lies on the electrodes.

    Specially designed electrodes for the co-registration of EEG/MEG and

    EEG/TMS signals are available. The BrainCap is extremely handy and

    ?Price point comparable to or less than other related products

    ?Children's fabrics available upon request


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